GRANDER Belebtes Wasser/ GRANDER Revitalized WaterGRANDER Belebtes Wasser/ GRANDER Revitalized Water
GRANDER belebt Wasser, Menschen und ihre Lebensräume

Healthy life begins with living water

Johann Grander: A healthy life begins with living water.

Johann Grander is an ambassador of the living water, he symbolizes respect for creation, humility and unconventional thinking.

In the center of the mindset of Johann Grander was and is still the striving, one of the most valuable assets of nature - the water - helping to restore to its original, natural qualities.

Already more than 30 years he has shaped a new understanding of water, which are followed today millions of people around the world:
A healthy life begins with living water.

  • Eshel Ben Jacob and Johann Grander during an exchange in Jochberg, Austria.
    Professor Eshel Ben Jacob has died.
    The well-known physicist and former president of the Israel Physical Society from Tel Aviv died unexpectedly.
  • Core message of research: Water can store energy
    WATER secret disclosed?
    Through the water researcher from Washington science has approached the view that water stores information and demonstrates completely new mechanisms in water.
  • GRANDER together with the Austrian Economic Chamber and the Austrian Foreign Trade Delegate at the Hofex 2015 in Hongkong.
    GRANDER® at HOFEX in Hongkong
    The "Hofex" is Asian's leading Food & Drink Trade Show and "the" platform for presenting Austrian brand-name products...
  • Johann Grander
    Healthy Living begins with revitalized water
    In memory of Johann Grander, who would have celebrated his 85th birthday on April 24th
  • International WATER Meeting in Jochberg at GRANDER and Mittersill at the Nationalparkzentrum
    International WATER Seminar
    More than 50 GRANDER® Distribution Partners from 20 Countries worldwide are meeting in Jochberg and Mittersill
  • GRANDER is offering many prizes on the event of World Water Day - maybe even a wellness weekend at Hotel Rasmushof in Kitbuehel at the foot of the legendary ski run - the Streif ???
    World Water Day 2015
    The goal of the International World Water Day on March 22nd is to create awareness for the importance of water as the basis of life for humans, the protection of water sources and their sustainable use.
  • Water revitalisation improves the inner structure of water; makes it come alive again and returns it to a high-quality beverage.
    Pleasure with revitalized water
    The name GRANDER is inseparably connected with the element of water. The discovery of water revitalisation through Johann Grander more than 30 years ago has gone global in the meantime.
  • GRANDER Summer Meeting with the GRANDER experts from far and wide
    Summer meeting with Project Ideas
    GRANDER experiences two very interesting and exciting days: the summer meeting with project ideas at GRANDER in Jochberg.
  • Strong Partners in Health
    Competence and care under four roofs - that is the claim of the RoMed Clinics having locations in Bad Aibling, Prien at Chiemsee, Rosenheim and Wasserburg on the Inn.
  • Questions to the GRANDER water revitalisation
    In this section we will try to answer your questions about GRANDER.
  • GRANDER market study confirms popularity and sustainability
    Market Survey confirms acceptance and sustainability
    A recent market survey in Austria on the topic of popularity, acceptance and values confirms a high recognition and sustainability of the brand GRANDER.
  • Cats don┬┤t read any advertising brochures about GRANDER Water
    Cats don't read advertising brochures
    Rita Trachsel from Switzerland tells a story about her cat that goes under one's skin
  • heating, grander, water revitalisation, water reviatalzation
    Heating with GRANDER

    Protect your heating system and improve its effectiveness through improved heat transfer.

  • Besondere Kooperation: RIEDEL Glas und GRANDER belebtes Wasser

    Riedel Glas Austria produziert seit Generationen qualitativ hochwertige Gl├Ąser und Dekanter. Seit Herbst 2013 setzt auch das f├╝r Design weltweit bekannte Unternehmen auf die GRANDER Wasserbelebung...
  • Grander supports Special Olympics Austria
    For humans, that need support....
    We want to help all humans with mental disabilities to integrate themselves in society in a way that they are accepted and respected.
  • GRANDER Water - biological and high quality
    Water - the old, yet new lifestyle drink
    Water is a symbol for enjoyment since drinking water is good and does so much good. Although it is older than mankind itself, water is trendier than ever before.
  • Nowadays it is evident that Granders knowledge and insights are more current than ever.
    Erkenntnisse eines vision├Ąren Naturforschers
    Some people are simple ahead of their time.  They recognize revolutionary connections, which become understood only after many years time.
  • Art of Water as evidence for water┬┤s memory
    Using special methods of investigation can demonstrate the effect of different information on the water and make it even  visible.
  • GRANDER┬« revitalized water for a sustainable, biological balance in ponds and biotopes.....
    Stable water in the garden pond and biotope
    GRANDER® revitalized water for a sustainable, biological balance in ponds and biotopes.....
  • Grander water intensifies strength and aroma of the coffee
    Revitalized water intensifies the aroma and strength of coffee
    A cup of coffee consists of approx. 97 % water depending on the preparation method
  • NASA und ESA are both interested in amorous water - why?
    NASA is interested in amorous water
    "It seems that water is in love and seeks a partner in a wonderful fashion", a young woman explains the floating water bridge.
  • World Championship in Schladming: with revitalized Grander water through the Kitzbuehel evening: Armin Assinger and Uschi Hollinger
    World Championship Schladming 2013
    TirolBerg presents itself along with Kitzbuehel and GRANDER Water as the stage for economy, sport and society.
  • The Lipizzans of the Spanish Riding School have been fans of GRANDER for a long time now.
    Lipizzans enjoy the benefits of GRANDER water
    They belong to Austria just like St. Stephen's Cathedral, the Giant Ferris Wheel and the State Opera House: the Lipizzans of the Vienna Riding School.
  • Enjoying a quick cup of coffee has established itself in both companies and public buildings
    GO-FAIR - (coffee) quality without compromise
    Enjoying a quick cup of coffee has established itself in both companies and public buildings
  • Lylys honey for your taste buds, pleasure and soul - made with Grander water
    Honey for your taste buds, pleasure and soul
    Joiser bee keeper Simon Toetschinger would (most likely) never use this saying: "One drop of water spoils a pail of honey."
  • Das Hotel am Stephansplatz mit Aussicht auf den ber├╝hmten Stephansdom
    Direktorin vom Hotel am Stephansplatz schw├Ąrmt von GRANDER

    Das Hotel am Stephansplatz ist eine der Topadressen im Zentrum von Wien und Frau Dir. Angelina Eggl berichtet im Interview ├╝ber GRANDER Wasser...

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